Living inside, you’ll notice a huge difference

Walls, ceilings and floors

• Self-supporting partition of laminated plasterboard with insulation.
• The homes feature laminated plasterboard false ceilings.
• Porcelain stoneware is provided inside each house. The terraces and porches feature non-slip ceramic tiles, combined with synthetic wood in the pool area.


• Exterior carpentry in lacquered aluminium with thermal bridge breakage and double glazing. Lacquered aluminium blinds with adjustable slats, motorised in the bedrooms.
• Lacquered aluminium entry door, with security system and intrusion protection, security lock, exterior knob, interior opening handle and optical peephole.
• Solid, smooth, white-lacquered doors.
• Cabinets with smooth, solid white-lacquered doors. Interior of cabinets with bar, upper shelf and lower chest of drawers.
• All carpentry features brushed-nickel hanging and closing hardware.


• White or pastel-coloured ceramic tiles, and flush mirrors with wall tiling on washbasin countertops.
• Porcelain bathroom fittings. Mixer taps. Composite resin counter top washbasins and composite resin showers with glass partitions.


• High and low white laminate furniture, with concealed composite resin and quartz resin handles.
• Stainless steel double sink with mixer tap.
• Refrigerator, induction hob, extractor fan, electric oven and dishwasher.

Heating, cooling, ventilation and domestic hot water

• Alternative solar energy system for production of domestic hot water.
• Hot-cold air conditioning with ducts and underfloor heating using a hybrid system with a high-energy efficiency heat pump that uses expansion by means of aerothermal technology.

Electricity, home automation and telecommunications

• LED Illumination in bathrooms and kitchen, TV, FM and telephone / data connections in living room, kitchen, bedrooms and terrace.
• Home automation system with air conditioning control via WiFi interface.
• Colour digital video electronic entry system with audio and panoramic view of the entryway.


• Motorised access door for cars.
• Swimming pool with LED lighting.
• Garden with automatic irrigation and LED lighting.


* This report is a generic, summarized proposal. It shall remain subject to any technical or legal modifications that may be mandatory, or to those that the project Management deems necessary, with the level of quality remaining constant. The definitive report shall be as agreed between the parties, and the sale contract shall be attached and signed jointly.